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Whether it’s commercial waste management services for your office, waste disposal solutions for your restaurant, roll-off dumpster rental for your construction site or handling non-hazardous waste from your manufacturing or production facility, Hometown Disposal has you covered. Serving Snyder, Northumberland, Union, Montour and Lycoming counties, we are the Susquehanna Valley’s No. 1 source for responsible commercial and large-scale waste management. It’s no wonder why Hometown Disposal stands out as an industry leader in the region.

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Commercial Waste & Recycling

Offering a wide range of commercial dumpster sizes and flexible trash pickup schedules to meet diverse commercial needs, Hometown Disposal works with each of its commercial customers to design a commercial waste management plan that is cost-effective and makes sense. Our garbage pickup options range from every-other-week to every-day service. You tell us how often you need us, and we’ll be there. Whether your business is an office, restaurant, retail store or any other type of establishment, you can trust in our waste expertise and services!

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Maximize your cost savings with our customized waste audits

From family-owned businesses to large corporations, cost savings matters. You want services that make the most sense for your business, at a price that doesn’t break the bank. That’s why Hometown Disposal offers specialized waste audits for businesses of all sizes across central Pennsylvania. When you request a waste audit, one of our trained auditors will meet with you to take inventory of the waste your company generates and gives you specific ways to reduce that waste so that your trash bill is most cost-effective. We even offer tracking to help you compare recycling rates and determine the best recycling options for your business. Schedule a waste audit today and start saving! You’ll not only save money; you’ll be doing your part to save our little corner of the planet by keeping unnecessary waste out of our area landfills!

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Commercial Container Sizing Specs

From small containers to big compactors, Hometown Disposal provides a variety of services to fit your commercial budget and waste management goals.

From curbside to job site, we’re in your neighborhood!

Construction Waste & Materials Management

Let Hometown Disposal help you get the job done, with durable containers to match jobs and projects of all sizes! We have the equipment and the experience to handle any size job requiring roll-off service.

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  • 14-40 cubic yard open top dumpster roll-offs
  • Self-contained compactors
  • Compactor receiver boxes

Open-top dumpster roll-off rentals

From the annual spring household cleanup to a total site demolition, we have what you need to manage the waste that a large-scale project generates.

For the common projects below, we recommend the following roll-off services:

Project Roll-off service
Household cleanup 14 cubic yard
Home construction 14 cubic yard
Roofing job 14 cubic yard
Large commercial building construction 20, 30 or 40 cubic yard
Large commercial renovation 20, 30 or 40 cubic yard
Demolition 20, 30 or 40 cubic yard

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Self-contained compactors

Compactors take the bulk out of the trash you generate by compressing it, making it easier for disposal.

Self-contained compactors are a cost-effective and efficient option for offices without space including manufacturers, grocery stores, retailers, hospitals and restaurants, as well as large-scale institutions. Self-contained compactors are also a great solution for offices that do not have space to house a large roll-off dumpster rental. Once the compactor container is full, we take the entire unit to the disposal site to empty the container.

Contact us to learn more about our self-contained compactors!

Compactor receiver box

Already have a trash compactor but don’t have a convenient way to dispose of your compacted trash? Our compactor receiver box is the perfect solution! Collect the waste processed through your compactor with a receiver box, and then allow us to haul the receiver box to the landfill, empty it and return it to you. A receiver box is a convenient option for commercial businesses of all types. You keep doing what you do best and let us worry about the compacted trash!

Contact us to learn more about our compactor receiver boxes!

At Hometown Disposal, we offer a wide range of services with our customers in mind to meet your project needs! From waste disposal to dumpster rentals, you can count on Hometown Disposal to have the right services and rentals to fit your varied needs.

We also offer Wood Recycling and Metal Recycling Services. Contact us to learn more!

Industrial Waste & Recycling

When it comes to handling non-hazardous residual waste streams, look no further than Hometown Disposal! Backed by knowledge and experience, we have the equipment and service plans in place to manage all waste produced by manufacturing and production facilities. Our drivers are trained in manifest protocols, eliminating any problems for your shipping department. We can also assist in any waste streams that are required to be tested and cleared for landfill acceptance.

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Trash Compactor Rental

Cut waste pickup in half with a trash compactor rental.


A roll-off trash compactor hydraulically compresses your waste up to 70%, saving you space, disposal costs and trips to the dumpster. Hometown Disposal’s well-maintained trash compactors come in a variety of sizes and styles to reduce clutter and efficiently manage waste across businesses and industries of all types.

Renting a trash compactor from Hometown Disposal means you can go longer between trash pickups. Our sealed containers eliminate overflowing dumpsters and keep rodents out of your trash. And because the self-contained compactor is closed and sealed when not in use, you eliminate unauthorized trash dumping and vandalism.

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We also offer Wood Recycling and Metal Recycling Services. Contact us to learn more!